Yes you can send pictures using your phone and texting by using our picture service. See this link for instructions on how to do that.

The service will relay your text message to the inmate within minutes of the time our system receives them. Remember that the corrlinks system must also process the message and we have not control over the delay that this may cause (sometimes as much as 90 minutes delay from Corrlinks)

No. Cell phones are not allowed in prison. The Inmate must still use Corrlinks

No. The service is for an unlimited number of text messages to and from the Inmate.

The cost is a flat amount each month for the Text Messaging Service for you. The inmate must pay to use the BOP corrlinks.

Call us at 760-561-9300. Your account will be canceled at the end of your billing cycle and your bank card will NOT be billed ever again.

Not available means that we are having some difficulty finding a suitable number for your situation. We will not just give you any number, but make sure that the numbers we use will save you money. Because of this, sometimes our search takes a little more time. We will notify you via email when we find the right number to save you money on your calls.

We do not keep all local prison phone numbers in stock. Sometimes we must order them from our providers. A status of ‘back order’ means that we know where it is and can have it available for you within a short time.

We do not share or sell your information with any one in any way. We consider the privacy of our subscribers and users to be our top concern and priority.

This is a very important question. To properly issue you a number that will save as much money as possible, it is vital that we know the correct location for each inmate. Our service works by making sure that each inmate is dialing a local call to their particular prison. The only way to be sure of this is to have an accurate location for them.

Yes! Any one phone can be connected to an existing local phone line. It is necessary to charge a small fee for each change.

Absolutely! It may help you more than someone who lives in the US! Most prisons charge an even higher amount to make long distance calls to other countries. We are dedicated to providing cost savings to all our clients! We have a price breakdown that will show you your cost savings. Sometimes as much as 75%!

For each line, there is an actual local inmate phone number near the inmate’s prison. Every phone number has some monthly origination charges and taxes. This monthly charge for each line is part of our cost in providing the service to you.

Auto Re-Load is the best way to ensure that your calling inmate always has minutes available to place calls from the prison. We will keep your information on file, and at a point you select we will automatically credit your account with the amount you would like by charging your preferred payment method.

The Bureau of Prisons charges 23 cents a minute for all direct dialed non-local prison calls. Local prison calls are only charged 6 cents per minute. So if your inmate is calling for their entire 300 minutes each month, the costs for the calls will directly drop from $69 to only $18 using our services.

Adding minutes is easy. Just call one of our customer service representatives or log-on to your account on-line! You can pay for the minutes with a MC or Visa or Debit card, or send a Money Order directly to us for credit to your account.

Yes you can! You can have as many prison phone lines as you want! You can have a local inmate phone line for every active phone you own if that’s your choice! Every inmate call to a prison phone line on your account is a local call for them, but each local prison phone line rings at one of your chosen locations. Each local prison phone line requires a very small monthly fee for origination charges and local taxes, however, these huge savings allow everyone to easily afford a local prison phone line for every phone! Multiple lines may be controlled and charged to a single PACtel Telephone services account, allowing the inmate calling the savings for all the important calls they make. For example: a spouse gets three local prison phone lines for an inmate to call: one for her, one for his parents, and one for his brother. Each line is assigned a separate local number and all three are then controlled by the one account!

Your credit card will be charged when you complete the signup process. We will then verify if we have a local prison phone number to your inmate’s prison in our stock. If we do, we will issue the phone number to you immediately! This takes less than 24 hours.

It is our experience that the BOP has very strict rules governing what is a local prison call and what is not. Having the same area code is not good enough for local prison calling rates. In fact, we found that the BOP does not even follow the “rules” for local calls used by most phone companies. We verify each and every number to ensure that our lines are charged local rates to each prison.

Yes it can. Our service works by providing a local inmate phone number to the jail. If you are already a local call to the jail, then it is doubtful that we will be able to save you any on your calls. We have discovered that if you are more than 15-20 miles away from the jail, a local phone number can help, and we will save you money on your calls!

Yes it does. It was designed to work with any prison phone or jail phone system which will give a price break for local calls versus long distance calls. If the prison phones require collect calls it will be necessary to setup a pre-paid account with the prison phone provider, but we have found that in most cases you will still receive a large discount from those providers because now your inmate is using a local phone number to call you!

Yes it is. We do not change any of the procedures used to ensure a ‘safe’ call with the BOP. We provide a local prison phone number outside the prison, but still local to it. When a Federal inmate uses this number, they still go through the prison phone system and they still must put the number on their approved call list. The difference is that future calls will use this new number. This is how they stay within the rules, but changes their costs from 23 cents a minute to only 6 cents per minute.

The local inmate phone line has a lower per minute charge than current inmate calls. Using this will significantly reduce the cost of the actual call from the prison; there is also a small fee to us for providing the service. To find out the cost of your specific plan, please go to our calling plans section for pricing.

Yes you can! You can use any active phone you currently have: home phone, cell phone, office phone, any active phone! You do not have to buy a new phone nor any hardware to have a local inmate phone line, so the savings start with the very first call!

Basically, the amount of money the inmate pays per minute to talk to you is greatly reduced! For example: If an inmate currently spends $50 a month on phone time, their phone costs instantly become much less, but they still get to talk the same amount, or even more time now that talk is so much cheaper! This means that the inmate gets to keep more money in their commissary account!

Your saving will vary. Since most of these calls will still need a pre-paid account with the phone provider associated with the jail, it will depend on what they discount for local calls versus long distance calls. We have found that these savings are typically 35-80% on each call.

Of course not. Our infrastructure uses the same phone lines as any other phone call. When calls are made through our system, all the prison security systems will still be in place. Your calls can still be monitored by them and you can still deny or accept any call, any time. All prison rules and regulations are still in effect.

To save you money on your inmate calls. Direct dialed inmate calls and pre-paid accounts are all based on how far the inmate is calling on a prison phone call. By using one of our local inmate phone numbers, the distance is reduced to as short as possible to the prison. This saves you money on each inmate call.

By using a “local” prison phone number to call home, inmates will be saving a tremendous amount of money by eliminating the high costs of ‘long distance’ direct dialed calls.

Sure you can. Our sales and support team is available to assist you with your order Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 8 PM, Saturday from 9 AM until 5 PM. The sales office is closed on Sundays. These times are Eastern Standard Time. Just give us a call at 760-561-9300.

Our service reduces the existing inmate phone costs of receiving calls from prison or calls from jails. It works with the prison phone systems, but makes them cheaper because we provide you a local inmate phone number to the jail allowing your inmate to call you at your home or cell number.

PACtel Telephone Services will help you stay connected with your loved ones at the lowest prison calling rate. We provide you with a ‘local’ (to the prison) inmate phone line that rings wherever you live!! This means with your local prison phone line, the inmate calling will be using a ‘local’ number to reach you instead of dialing ‘long distance’ at inflated rates. That way the savings stay in your inmates commissary account.