Service Outage Notification

The Corrlinks Email System which is used to communicate with your inmate online is currently unavailable to Pactel at this time. The Corrlinks Email System is necessary for the Texting Service, Imail Service and Sports News Service to work and therefor is unavailable to your inmate at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may be causing you and your inmate. Note that the issues with the Corrlinks Email System is expected to be resolved and services WILL be fully restored. While at this time we do not know how long this will take, once services are restored, a credit will be issued to every account effected by this outage. If you are trying to set up new service, we will not process your order until service is restored. If you are making a payment to an existing account, we will still issue the appropriate credit to your account once service is restored. Please understand that all customer service representatives are working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible and we DO appreciate your patience and continued support. We will update this message once service has been restored. Thanks again for using Pactel-Inmate Services