Mexico Monthly Inmate Phone Plan - $40.00 per month

The MEX 300 Plan provides you with a local prison phone number at a rate of 13.3¢/min(Mexico) per minute and includes 300 minutes(Mexico) of inmate phone time per month over our secure communications network. The MEX 300 prison calling plan allows you receive the prison calls on any phone - cell, work or home phone, anywhere in the world. So, no matter where you are or what phone service you have your calling inmate can stay in touch for less money.

MEX 300 Inmate Phone Plan Features:

  • One Local Prison Phone Number
  • 300 Inamte Call Minutes (Mexico)
  • Additional inmate phone minutes are billed at 12¢ per minute (Mexico)
  • Additional local inmate telephone lines are $2.50 per month

Additional Inmate Calling Features:

If your inmate moves to a different facility we can provide you a new local inmate phone number at no charge. If you move or your phone numbers changes we can move your local inmate phone line to the new number for a one time charge of $2. Inmates calling to Mexico have saved a lot of money for families instead of paying $5-$30 per Inmate Call to: Global Tel Link, IC Solutions, Securus, J Pay, Pay Tel, Offender Connect, Evercom, Correctional Billing Svc., TNetix, PCS