Pay As You Go

This inmate calling plan is a pre-paid jail phone service and will work as long as there are funds available on the account. If the funds have been used your prison phone line will not work until you deposit more money to the account.
  • $1.00  per month for the first jail phone line.
  • 50 ¢ per month for each additional prison phone line.
  • All monthly fees are deducted from the account balance on the last day of each month.
  • One time set up fee of $1.00  per inmate phone line.(also deducted from account balance)
  • When the inmate calls the new prison phone line, they only pay for the local prison phone call from their institution (costing them 6 cents per minute). Your jail phone line account is charged to receive the call at a usage rate of:
US and Puerto Rico $0.05 per minute
Canada $0.18 per minute
Mexico Landline $0.10 per minute
Mexico Mobile $0.15 per minute
Dominica Republic Landline $0.12 per minute
Dominica Republic Landline Mobile $0.15 per minute
Colombia Landline $0.15 per minute
Colombia Mobile $0.15 per minute
Other International Lines $0.29 per minute
There are no minimum monthly usage fees. Use the service as much or little as you need each month. There are no "lost" prison phone minutes of any kind or minimum monthly minutes. Prices do not include applicable communication taxes and fees.