How to Creat a New Yahoo Email Account

STEP 1: Go to the website: and click on “Sign in” on top
right corner of the website. If you are already logged in to your own yahoo
email, you might need to log off before creating a new email.

STEP 2: On the next page, you will see this box. Click on “sign up” located on
the bottom of this box.
STEP 3: Fill out the form. It does not matter what name you use or what
email you create or what password you choose. However, you will need let
us know what this information is, so please make a note before moving to
the next step. You will also need to enter your cell phone number. After
filling out this form click on “Continue”.
STEP 4: Next you will be ask you to verify your number. Yahoo will send you
a text with a code number. Click “Text me an Account Key” here.
STEP 5: On the next page enter the code number received from Yahoo and
click on “Verify”
You are finished with creating the Yahoo email account and are ready to
register this new Yahoo email with Corrlinks.
Please continue to STEP 1 of
Setting up a Corrlink account document.

Setting up a Corrlink Account

STEP 1: Next Part is creating the Corrlinks account for this new email. Please go
to the website : and click “register” under the “New Users


STEP 2: Complete the sign up form. You can use the any name you like (yours or
the inmates name are fine) . You will need to enter the new Yahoo address you
created for the EMAIL section on this page. The Password will need to be the same
password you used for the Yahoo account. You can leave the “identification code
field blank. Accept the “terms and conditions” and CHECK the “I’m not a Robot
button. Then click “Next”. You may need to click on some photos as directed to
move on to the next step
STEP 3: Next you will receive a verification email from Corrlinks asking you to
validate the account. This will be sent to the new Yahoo account you just created.
Just click on that link.
STEP 4: When you click on that link you will redirected to this page..
After 5 second, you will be redirected again to this page. Complete this form. It
doesn’t matter what you write. There will be NO billing involved on your part from
Corrlinks. We will take care of this part.
Click again on the “I’m not a robot” button and complete any part in this section.
STEP 5: The next page, you can just click “NEXT”, no need to pick an option.
You can now log out of the Corrlink account.
You are now ready to email us the following to
Inmate name:
Inmate number:
New Yahoo Email address:
New Yahoo Email Password:
New Corrlinks Pasword: